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The Meaning of White Candles

Jun. 23, 2021

Candle Color Meaning - Color is a form of vibrational energy that affects us on different levels. Subconsciously, we are all aware of how we react to different colors. For example, red makes us excited and euphoric, while blue calms and soothes us. The color of a candle, or the color of anything in your surroundings, is like a key that can unlock a certain compartment in your subconscious mind and your whole being. Those who can't actually see the colors can still feel their vibrational effects, because pigments are substances that release energy at a certain rate or wavelength.

White Candle

White Candle

White candles are used for purification, cleansing, healing, blessing, protection, purity, chastity, truth, sincerity, peace, spirituality, enlightenment, prophecy, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, integrity and joy. White also heals emotions, provides protection, repels negative energy, relieves tension and aids in meditation. White candles represent happiness, unity, the highest spirituality and the highest level of consciousness for protection, purification and healing. White represents truth, unity, harmony and spiritual integrity. Users who burn white candles are invoking lunar energy. Since all colors originate from pure white light, it is a balanced presence of all colors in the synthesis, so if there is nothing you want at the time, a White Candle can be used in many ceremonies in place of any other color. As a result, it emits a very positive and powerful vibration. White eliminates negative emotions and encourages a positive lifestyle. It is used for concentration rituals and meditation work.

White candles are used in protection, enlightenment and purification rituals for healing the whole person, spiritual issues, and connection with one's higher self and angels or spirit guides. In magic, white represents light and clear vision, and is therefore helpful when a new beginning or a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm is needed. White is a good color for ritual work and is especially good for births, marriages and welcome ceremonies. Like silver, white is associated with feminine energy and lunar rituals, so white candles are especially effective on Mondays, the day of the moon. White is the color of ritual magic, as it is used for all types of ceremonies and rituals. The color of purity, white represents friendship, childishness. Crystal white is the color of sincerity, sacredness, transformation and a single concentrated sound, such as a gong or bell. White is also the color of the Goddess and is therefore used for all forms of blessings.

White candles are a soft combination of all colors, and white reflects light with little to no absorption. Whenever in doubt about a magical act, use white, which is the most highly balanced form of spirituality possible. White contains the highest form of virtue and is therefore very protective. It is the source of creativity itself, the zero, the alpha, the source of all life, the feminine aspect of God, the craft of wisdom, the full moon, the symbol of the life-giving Mother, and the mystery of all femininity. White seems unreachable, untouchable, immortal, it repels destructive energies, it raises vibrations, heals emotions, heals birth, heals rape, heals children and pets, balances auras, and confuses enemies. The white candle represents purity and innocence. The moon should be very strong. For the operation of black magic, white can be used to incite corruption, bring about impotence and destroy sexual desire. White can also be used to create weakness, neurosis and fear. The Moon rules the color white. Work with white energy should be done on Mondays and requires the energy of the third eye. Use with diamonds, clear crystals, moonstone or other white stones.

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